Our services

Scoutler specializes in finding, contacting and engaging with IT professionals.

Our services include:

1. Permanent Recruitment

We focus on finding the best candidate for your permanent roles. We identify the final candidate through different sources: our candidate database, online and off line networking, LinkedIn search and on line advertising on job sites and social media. Our Recruiters personally interview candidates to identify their ambitions, strengths and areas of development. We supervise the entire recruitment process to successful completion .

2. Interim Corporate Recruitment

Do you have to fill a high priority job opening, several job openings at the same time, or do you lack the sourcing tools, knowledge or capacity to your vacancy/vacancies? One of our experienced recruiters will support you to meet your company’s recruitment needs. Depending on your requirements we take full or partial ownership of the sourcing and selection. You only pay for the services and support you need. Learn more about our Scoutler Recruiters.

3. Interim IT Staffing

If a specific need (hands and/or knowledge) arises, and you need a freelance IT professional rapidly, Scoutler offers the full range of selecting and contracting the right freelance IT professional for you. Over the last 15 years our Recruiters have built a strong network of freelance / contract / Interim IT professionals, specialist in Software Testing or Software Development ( C ++, Java , Oracle, or .Net).

Paul van Galen is first point of contact for both freelance IT professionals and hiring companies. Contact Paul to discuss your staffing needs.